Camu camu en polvo atomizado

Myrciaria Dubia

Camu Camu pulp `Atomized` or `Spray dried` The powder that remains contains all the properties of the original product. In addition, it has a long shelf life and easily dissolves in, for example, water, fruit juices and yogurt.

In spray drying, a liquid is sprayed through an atomizer into a chamber that contains streams of hot air. The moisture quickly evaporates, leaving behind solid powder particles that fall to the bottom of the chamber.

Ingredients: Pulp of the camu camu and maltodextrin

The pulp of the Camu Camu fruit is used in the processing of this product and is ideal for the production of capsules and food products. A great source of vitamin C

• Energizer
• helps the digestion
• Fights celular ageing Strenghten immune system and heartfunction
• Fights inflammation
• Stimulates collagen production