Our company has an export permission, issued by ´ARA´ (REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORITY) which means that we can guarantee that all of our products that we offer through our website get legally through the (Peruvian) customs and arrive to it's destine as long as there are no import restrictions in the relevant country.

Most of our dried plant products that we offer through our website are harvested, dried and processed by ourselves directly after an order is placed. For that reason we can check and guarantee that our products that we ship are of high quality and as fresh as possible.

As soon as our products are harvested, prepared and dried, they get processed by a machine that shreds the plant material or grind it into powder or fine powder, according to the desire of our client.

Once a product has been processed, it undergoes a series of tests to assure consistency, quality and potency. The finished product is audited by an inspector of Senasa (Ministry of Agriculture Peru) for bulk weight, bacteria and fungi after which a phytosanitary certificate is provided by Senasa when the product is found in good condition. (This certificate is optional and not always required by the customs)

After the approbation, the dried products can get (vacuum)sealed in plastic bags of different sizes available to us and is ready for the export.

Within our team there exists more than 15 years of experience in the processing of medicinal plants and trees and preparation of extracts and solid resins.

We recommend new clients to first check the import rules and requirements of their country before placing an order.