Enaco Delisse

Enaco - Empresa Nacional de la Coca S.A

Enaco (The National Company of the Coca), was created in 1949, as the only Peruvian company authorized to commercialize the coca leaf and its derivatives. As of the year 1982, Enaco S.A. is a state company of private law, in the form of a corporation, with the purpose to support and preserve the health of the population through the commercialization of the coca leaf and its derivatives, as well as its industrialization for economic purposes, supported in the current legal framework.

For 20 years, Enaco has been producing and marketing Delisse products (Mate de coca and mixtures), under the highest quality standards, thus achieving that Delisse products retain all the attributes and benefits of the coca leaf and medicinal herbs used in the preparation, being a 100% natural product and very beneficial for the health.


Tzumi Muraya has an official autorization of ENACO to commercialize the products of ´Delisse´ that are offered through this website, in the internal and external market.

Legal Mark

Peru is a member of the ´1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs´, which states that all member countries are obliged to prohibit the cultivation of the bush and / or coca leaf plant and must take all the actions it has in its power to eliminate it, and where coca bush crops are grown, an inspection system must be applied, established by an authorized official to perform the following functions:

• Designate areas and parcels of land where cultivation will be allowed.
• Only growers who hold a license are allowed to cultivate the coca leaf plant.
• Each license will specify the area on which the coca leaf plant is authorized.
• All growers are obligated to deliver all of their harvest of the coca leaf plants.
• The harvests will be bought and taken as soon as possible, within the four months after the harvest is completed.

In Peru, ENACO is the only state-owned company in the world, which legally has a monopoly on the marketing of coca leaf in its country.

Peru reserved the right to temporarily authorize the chewing of the coca leaf, for which accepted that within the upcoming 25 years this activity would be prohibited in its territory. In the United Nations Convention against illicit traffic of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances of 1988, article 14, it was pointed out that member countries must take measures to prevent the illicit cultivation of plants containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances such as the coca leaf, and eradicate those that are illicitly cultivated in their territory.

However, the Congress of the Republic approved this Convention with reservation and declares that it does not consider itself bound to criminalize the licit and illicit cultivation of coca leaf and other similar crops; therefore, Peru, can maintain the current chewing of the coca leaf in the country.