Packaging and Shipping

We can provide natural products in your desired quantity and packaging ranging from small retail or bottle packaging to varied size boxes/containers, using extensive range of packaging available to us and according the conditions of the (Peruvian) customs. With exception of the handicrafts that we export, all our wholesale orders will be shipped with a range of certificates that the (Peruvian) customs requires when dry plant materials and/or liquids are exported to foreign countries.


Each shipment of dry plant material and/or extracts, oils and resins contains the following certificates and/or documents to ensure they arrive to it's destine:

• Certificate ARA - (Regional Environmental Authority)

Tzumi Muraya must always state how many kilos of which plant specie(s) are going to be exported. When an order is placed by our client(s), an official of ARA checks the amount and species that will be exported. After the solicitation and check, a fee is charged per kilo dry plant material or amount of fresh plant material used in the processing of extracts, after which the permission is provided.

• Botanical Certificate (optional)

A qualified biologist checks our products and has to state that it actually is the relevant plant specie as indicated on all the documents. This is not obligated.

• Phytosanitary certificate of Senasa - Ministery of Agriculture (optional)

Our finished product is audited by an inspector of Senasa for bulk weight, bacteria and fungi after which a phytosanitary certificate is provided by Senasa when the product is found in good condition.

• GTF (Guía de Transporte Forestal)

The transport guide is the document that covers the mobilization of forest products or specimens of wild fauna, it allows to prove the legal origin of these. This document is required by the customs.

• Invoice of our company and Guia de Remisión


Serpost Peru is our primery carrier and permits a maximum weight of 30 kilo per box. Through Serpost Peru our products can be send first class (EMS) or second class (CP), depending the service that is chosen by our client. For each box a tracking number is provided which you can use to check the shipping progress and location of the package on the website of Serpost Peru for example. Please note that there may be an initial delay when the shipping company logs the shipment on their system before the package information appears online.

The package should normally take 12-24 business days to arrive. However, please understand this is an estimate. The shipping speed is outside our control and is dependent on the courier company and customs of your country.

Tzumi Muraya always tries to look for the best shipping option; bulk orders of at least 100 kilograms are in general shipped with other post offices in Lima, like for example 'Cargo World SAC,'. In that case the bulkorder is sent by plane from Iquitos to Lima with LATAM CARGO, after which one of Tzumi Muraya's employees in Lima take care of the shipment from Lima to the relevant country. Orders above the 100 kilograms can be shipped both ‘prepaid’ or ‘collect’.

Clients should always first check the import rules and requirements of their country before placing an order; If one of our products is sent back or intercepted by the customs of your country, due to custom policies or national restrictions on the relevant ordered product(s), Tzumi Muraya EIRL cannot be held responsible for it's loss and there won't be a refund. In case that a box is seized/consficated and/or destroyed at the customs of your country, due to restrictions on the content or other unclear reasons, Tzumi Muraya EIRL can not be held responsible in any way.