Lepidium meyenii $ 42.00 per kilo Contains amino-acids, great source of vitamins and minerals. Maca 3x extract powder is a concentration obtained from selected dry roots of the black Maca and is 3 times stronger than normal black Maca. Ideal for those who look for immediate results. You need to login before you can order.
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This product is an excellent stimulator for the brain.

• Increases physical (sport) performance
• Improves sexual funcion and libido in both men and women
• Improves sperm health
• Increases sperm count and motility
• Improves learning and memory
• Prevents stress
• Energizer
• Improves mood

Dosis: One teaspoon daily.

To cover additional work and costs involved in completing customs documents, a minimum (total) order of 10 kilos is required for dry plant material. We do not process and ship an order if it is below this requirement amount of 10 kilos.

Our Maca, (dehydrated) extracts, oils, tabacco and handicraft can be ordered and shipped in any desired amount.

Always first check the import rules and requirements of your country before placing an order.

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