About us

Tzumi Muraya EIRL is an established and growing export business located in Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon basin. We offer a wide range of different parts of plants and trees from the Amazon that we buy, harvest and/or process ourselves according to its utility and demand.

We have exclusive access to first point original sources of supply (such as farmers, forest contractors, manufacturers, processors), which enables us to offer our products at competitive prices while having strict quality control.

In and around Iquitos 'Tzumi Muraya EIRL' is one of the few companies that has an official export permission from ´ÁRA´ (REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORITY) that was formed by the local government of Loreto – The Amazon.

ARA is responsible for defining policies, organizing, directing, controlling, monitoring, regulating and practicing functions in environmental matters, management and conservation of natural resources, promotion of environmental services and sustainable management of flora and fauna, with a territorial and ecosystem approach, within the scope of the Department of Loreto – the Amazon.

Thus, in cooperation with ARA, Tzumi Muraya is dedicated to the promotion, sustainable management and conservation of the natural resourses;Tzumi Muraya invests and is obligated to invest in the (re)plantation of the most popular medicinal plants that we harvest and export on an anual basis.

The export permission provided by ARA permits us to legally export a wide range of Amazonian medicinal plants and trees to foreign countries without any problem.

The founder

The founder of Tzumi Muraya EIRL is originally Dutch and has been living periods in local communities of the Peruvian Amazon. Since 2003 he has been dedicating himself with great compassion to the traditional uses of medicinal plants and trees from the Amazon rainforest.

As he discovered the potencies of widely used medicinal plants and -trees in the Amazon basin, he successfully started to introduce and promote these in the Western World, which resulted in his own exportation business.

Through his gained experience and important contacts that he made during the years, Tzumi Muraya EIRL is now able to give answer to a growing demand of the high quality natural products that are offered through this website.