Hand painted - lenght 23cm $ 52.00 per piece This pipe is made out of ´Palo Sangre´, one of the hardest woods of the Amazon and often used in the handicraft of the indiginous or locals of communities. Hand painted by William Llerena from Pucalpa, a great musician, healer and painter.You need to login before you can order.
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In the Amazon this handmade smoking pipe is mainly used by curanderos (medicinemen) and/or participants in traditional healing ceremonies as a defense against bad spirits or as a tool to purify, pray and cure with the smoke of the Tabaco (Nicotiana Tabacum)

To cover additional work and costs involved in completing customs documents, a minimum (total) order of 10 kilos is required for dry plant material. We do not process and ship an order if it is below this requirement amount of 10 kilos.

Our Maca, (dehydrated) extracts, oils, tabacco and handicraft can be ordered and shipped in any desired amount.

Always first check the import rules and requirements of your country before placing an order.

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