Delisse (25 Tea Bags) On request only Product with a content of 1.0 gram + - 10%. Contains Coca Leaf and chopped Stevia leaves, forming a preparation with beneficial properties.

Tea bags are packed in cardboard boxes, protected with a transparent propylene plastic, containing 25 and 100 filters.

No. Sanitary Registry
Q3304314N NAEPCN

Expected shelf Life
2 years in adequate storage conditions.

Storage conditions
Store in cool, dry areas protected from light, at a temperature no higher than 30ºC.

Organoleptic and Physical Chemistry Characteristics:
• Homogeneous mixture of yellowish green color, characteristic odor
• Humidity: Maximum 8 - 12%
• Ashes: Maximum 12%.
• Alkaloids: 0.5 - 1.2%
Microbiological characteristics
• Microbial agent n c m M
• Enterobacteriaceae 5 2 102 103
• Molds 5 1 102 103

To cover additional work and costs involved in completing customs documents, a minimum (total) order of 10 kilos is required for dry plant material. We do not process and ship an order if it is below this requirement amount of 10 kilos.

Our Maca, (dehydrated) extracts, oils, tabacco and handicraft can be ordered and shipped in any desired amount.

Always first check the import rules and requirements of your country before placing an order.

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